Setting the Scene

“Billy”, made famous by Michael Crawford in the 70’s, is based on the well known play “Billy Liar’.

Billy! is an English musical set in Yorkshire, England in the 1960s, about a Yorkshire lad with a vivid imagination called Billy who is constantly day-dreaming his way through life. He works in a funeral parlour, has three fiancées and dreams that one day he will be a famous scriptwriter. His parents and his Gran are constantly yelling at him and telling him not to be so bone idle but it can’t help it. He gets engaged to Barbara, a dumb girl who likes the colour orange and Rita, a tart who wears six inches of make-up and high-heels to match as well as the shortest skirts in Yorkshire. However, he loves Liz – a level headed girl who plans to run away with him to London. A lot of the musical is related to Billy’s dreams or takes place in them!

Scenes & Songs


Overture – Chorus

Ambrosia – Chorus

And – Alice / Geoffrey / Gran & Billy

Some Of Us Belong To The Stars – Billy

Happy To Be Ourselves – Billy / Arthur & Company

The Witches Song – Barbara & Billy

Lies – Barbara & Billy

It Were All Green Hills – Duxbury

Aren’t You Billy Fisher? – Billy & Company


My Heart Is Ready When You Are – Liz & Billy

Billy – Billy / Liz / Rita & Barbara

Remembering – Alice & Geoffrey

Any Minute Now – Rita & Barbara

The Lady From L.A. – Billy & company

I Can Make A Difference – Liz & Billy

Some Of Us Belong To The Stars (Reprise) – Billy & Company

Billy (Reprise) – Liz

I Missed The Last Rainbow – Billy

Ambrosia (Reprise) – Company

The Production team

  • Director – Loraine Taylor
  • Musical Director – Anthony Calnan
  • Keyboards – Anthony Calnan
  • Trumpet – Jim Marshall
  • Clarinet / Saxaphone – Carolyn Hier
  • Bass – Calum Yule
  • Drums – Dave Bulmer
  • Choreographers – Marie Mullen & Emma Weeks
  • Stage Manager – Sarah Daman
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Sam Moulton
  • Lighting and Sound – David Clarke & David Featherstone
  • Prompt – Debbie Featherstone
  • Scenery – David Armitt, Charlie Seagroatt, Ed Seagroatt, Richard Seagroatt, David Featherstone, John White & Sam Moulton
  • Costumes – Ed Seagroatt & “Cozzies”
  • Props – Debbie Featherstone, Emma Weeks & Ed Seagroatt
  • Front of House & Box Office – Pat Caldecourt

The Cast

  • Billy – David Armitt
  • Alice – Karen Cockburn
  • Duxbury – Ed Seagroatt
  • Barbara – Nicki Parry
  • Arthur – Matthew Stevens
  • Liz – Barbara Hill
  • Geoffrey – Richard Seagroatt
  • Gran – Jill Duffel
  • Marilyn – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Stamp – Jude Figueira
  • Shadrack – Sam Leach
  • Rita – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Mrs Crabtree – Joan Wakeling
  • Band Leader – Anthony Calnan
  • Chorus – Marie Mullen / Emma Weeks / Laura Featherstone / Tim Wakeling / Heidi Matthews / Richard Joughin / George McGovern & John White
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