Setting the Scene

This Panto is based on the AA Milne rhyme of the same name which tells of the king who likes a bit of butter for his bread. Add in the customary Panto dame, the wicked villain, a lovesick princess and a handsome suitor and you have the recipe for a perfect Panto.


Act 1

Pantomania – Company

It’s Harry I’m Planning to Marry – Cook and Footman

I Know Now – Company

Master of the House – Percival Perkins & Alginon Perkins

The Best Things in Life – King and Queen

I’ve Got Life – Percival Perkins & Marmalade

Good Times are Here to Stay – Company

Once You Lose Your Heart – Dame and Princess

Marry the Man Today – Cook & Dame

Spring Spring Spring – Company

Take It On the Chin – Dame and Company

Pantomania Reprise – Company

Act 2

Too Darn Hot – Company

You’re Lovely – Footman & Marmalade

Why Can’t You Behave? – Dame & Percival Perkins

Bad – Percival Perkins & Company

Last Night of the World – Princess & Alginon Perkins

Ghosts – Company

Spring Spring Spring – Company

Gee You Look Terrific – Company

The Dairy Maid Girl – Dame and Company

The Production team

  • Director – Ed Seagroatt
  • Musical Director – Anthony Calnan
  • Choreographer – Barbara Hill assisted by Karen Caldecourt
  • Stage Manager – Jill Duffell assisted by Neal Shepherd, Sam Moulton, Alex Murphy & David Featherstone
  • Lights and Sound – Dave Clarke
  • Scenery – Sam Moulton, Charlie Seagroatt, Ed Seagroatt, Richard Seagroatt, David Featherstone, David Armitt, Jill Duffell, Loraine Taylor & Nicki Parry
  • Costumes – Ed Seagroatt, Debbie Featherstone, Dave Armitt & Jamesy Ward
  • Props – Sarah Hake, Emma Weeks, Marie Mullen & Karen Cockburn
  • Front of House / Box Office – Pat Caldecourt & Heidi Matthews

The Cast

  • Narrator – Sarah Hake
  • Nellie – Richard Seagroatt
  • Marmalade – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Footman – David Armitt
  • Cook – Ed Seagroatt
  • Mr Alderney – Jude Figueria
  • Percival Perkins – Ian Caldecourt
  • Alginon Perkins – Emma Weeks
  • King – Sam Leach
  • Queen – Karen Cockburn
  • Princess – Marie Mullen
  • Chorus Members – Laura Featherstone / Debbie Featherstone / John White / Matthew Stevens / Loraine Taylor / Sarah Hake / George McGovern & Mark Hamiltonk
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