Setting the Scene

Sam Gallactic and his crew are on their first voyage together, on Sunburster One. Their mission is to deliver Homeworld President Sekurikor’s daughter Dazzle to the planet Procyon to her finishing school. On route they are set upon by ‘the Bolshies’. Will Sam and the crew Save the day and have time for a Chinese Take away.

Dazzle is kidnapped by an Irish astral pirate called Slimebag.It isn’t Dazzle that’s the target, but the D.A.Z.Z.L.E. Star crystal that she has been secretly carrying. The ‘D.A.Z.Z.L.E. Star’ once put in a computer sphere, radiates a defence force field of incredible power, which will be used to make Procyon a safe haven for the people of Homeworld. D.A.Z.Z.L.E. stands for Defender of All Zenith Zones and a Little Extra. To prevent Slimebag and his slimies from getting hold of the Star Dazzle throws it into space. They then pull the plug on the shines and off they go down the plug hole. Now Dazzle and Sam have to travel back to 1960 to find the Star. Here they meet Sue Zuki and her greasers and greasettes, who have the star but will only return it if they are given a cure for their pimples. Sam beams down his medical team, the pimples are cured and the Star is returned. Sam becomes admiral and marries Dazzle and everyone lives happily ever after.

Songs and Scenes

Act 1

Blast Off

Planet Homeworld

Light your Lamp – Sekurikor & the Wise Ones

If Dan Dare Did It – Sam Galactic & Crew

Dazzle Star – Dazzle Star & the Starlets

The Guy that Gets the Girl – Sam Galactic / Dazzle & Crew

Red Star Territory

Come Ze Glorious Evolution – Big Olga / Little Volga & Bolshies

Star Ship

Space Angel – Alura / Lolita / Dazzle Star & Pearl

Eastern Take-away Asteroid

Velly VelIy Tastee Too – Mr. Suey & Sweet & Sour Songsters

Act 2

Touch Down

A Slime Field

Slimey Swampers Stomp – Slimebag the Haemorrhage Swampey & Slimeys

Honolulu Lulu – Sam / Dazzle / Crew & Slimeys

Star Ship

Man Above All Men – Sam Galactic & Dazzle Star

Earth 1960

Greaser’s Gavotte – Sue Zuki / Brenda / Rita / Dave / Vic & Greaserettes

Gotta Give a Guy a Helping Hand – Paddy / Dazzle & Sue Z

Star Ship

Comin’ Back – Sam Galactic / Dazzle & Crew

If Dan Dare Did It (Reprise) – The Company

The Production team

  • Stage Director – Nicki Parry
  • Musical Director – Anthony Calnan
  • Keyboards – Anthony Calnan
  • Bass – Callum Yule
  • Jingles Producer – Anthony Calnan
  • Jinglers – Karen and Ian Caldecourt & Kaz Cockburn
  • Choreography – Barbara Hill, Karen Caldecourt, Edward Seagroatt, Laura Wakeling & Loraine Taylor
  • Costumes – Debbie Featherstone, Barbara Hill & Sheila Seagroatt.
  • Scenery – Pauline Seagroatt / Richard Seagroatt / Matthew Stevens / John White / Nicki Parry / Sam Moulton & Loraine Taylor
  • Properties – Emma Weeks
  • Stage Management – Ian Caldecourt & Sam Moulton
  • Lighting – Daren Knight
  • Prompt – Catherine Bates
  • Sound Effects – Anthony Calnan
  • Bar – Julie Monro
  • Front of House – David Featherstone, Barbara Hill, Mark Hamilton & Trefor Davies
  • Box Office – Pat Caldecourt

The Cast

  • Captain Sam, Galactic Hero – Richard Seagroatt
  • Dazzle Star, the heroine & daughter of Sekurikor – Loraine Taylor
  • Mr. Speck, son of Spock and Chief Science Officer – Jude Figueira
  • Alura Link, communications officer – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Monty McToxic, starship surgeon – Matthew Stevens
  • Pearl Pacemaker, chief nurse – Lorna Sales
  • Mr. Suey, helmsman – Edward Seagroatt
  • Lolita Laser, armaments officer – Emma Winter
  • Mr. Paddy, chief engineer – Barry Pavey
  • Sekurikor, president of the Homeworld – Sam Leach
  • Gary Gemini, homeworld DJ and narrator – Ian Caldecourt
  • Angela Krypton Consolidated News Reporter – Emma Weeks
  • Big Olga, Red Star ship Commander – Debbie Featherstone
  • Little Volga, second in Command – Laura Wakeling
  • Slimebag the Haemorrhage, an astral pirate – Joan Wakeling
  • Swampy, Slimebag ‘s 1st mate – Laura Wakeling
  • Sue Zuki, leader of the Greasers – Jo Spiegelhalter
  • Rita Rough, a greaserette – Nicki Parry
  • Brenda Brute, a greaserette – Joan Wakeling
  • Dave Death, a greaser – Sam Leach
  • Vic Vandal, a greaser – John White
  • Ministar, the Astronomer and keeper of the peace – Nicki Parry
  • Waiter – John White
  • Chorus Sharon Clayton / Debbie Feathersone / Sam Leach / Nicki Parry / Jo Spiegelhalter / Laura Wakeling / Joan Wakeling / Emma Weeks / John White / Sharon Clayton / Debbie Feathersone / Sam Leach / Nicki Parry / Jo Spiegelhalter / Laura Wakeling / Joan Wakeling / Emma Weeks & John White
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