Setting the Scene

A Musical Reconstruction of incidents relating to the East End murders which took place between Friday, August 31st and Friday, November the 9th, 1888, set in a Music Hall and the surrounding streets, as performed by the inhabitants of Whitechapel.

A solution of Jack the Ripper’s identity is hinted at, but the play is an atmospheric commentary rather than an historical re-enactment, shifting between reality and artificiality, with characters representing “real” people as well as members of the music hail audience and players.

Some of the characters are called upon to play more than one role. Therefore they have a life within the Music Hall and also in reality.

The Chairman also plays the authoritative roles of Sir Charles Warren, the Magistrate, and the Dock’s Foreman, while Montague Druitt is also known as Toynbee and plays the villainin the melodrama and the magician.

Phoenix Players wishes it to be known that any material in this production which may cause offense is in keeping with the period and particular characters portrayed. This does not reflect the views of the Company.


Act 1

Saturday Night – Polly and the Company

Sing Sing – The Company

Generally Nice – Marie

God Bless Us – The Company

Goodbye Day – Marie and the Girls

What A Life – The Gang and the Girls

Love – Marie

The Rippers Going to Get You – Annie and the Gang

Act 2

God Bless (reprise) – The Company

Charlie and Queenie – Lizzie and the Chairman

Half A Dozen Pints – Marie

There’s A Boat Coming In – The Company

There Ain’t Any Work Today – Chairman and the Company

Look at Them – The Company

Suspects – Martha and the Gang

Policemen’s Chorus – Police Sergeant Coles & Constables

Step Across The River – Marie and Lizzie

Montage – The Company

Saturday Night (reprise) – The Company

The Production team

  • Stage Director – Debbie Featherstone
  • Assistant Director – Julia Stevens
  • Musical Director – Marcus Davidson
  • Keyboards – Marcus Davidson
  • Bass – Jason Williams
  • Drums – Ronan Kozokaro
  • Choreography – Barbara Hill
  • Set Design and Construction – Richard Seagroatt, Pauline Seagroatt, Debbie Featherstone & Nigel Barefoot
  • Properties – Sarah O’Donovan
  • Costumes – Debbie Featherstone
  • Stage Manager – Chris Cockburn
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Richard Knight
  • Lighting – Paul Donmall & Nicki Parry
  • Prompt – Kathryn Mabey
  • Box Office – Debbie Featherstone & Richard Seagroatt
  • Front of House – Peter O’Donovan, Justine Knight, Pauline Seagroatt & Leonie Quinn
  • Children’ s Chaperone – Debbie Featherstone
  • Publicity and Programme – Justine Knight

The Cast

  • Marie Kelly / Music Hall Soubrette – Julia Stevens
  • Lizzie Stride / Queen Victoria – Kaz Cockburn
  • Annie Chapman – Sarah O’Donovan
  • Polly Anne Nicholls – Karen Caldecourt
  • Martha Tabram – Barbara Hill
  • Catherine Eddowes – Rachel Bedford
  • Frances Coles – Claire Percy
  • Montague Druitt – David MacDonald
  • The Chairman / Sir Charles Warren – Edward Seagroatt
  • Daniel Mendoza – Nigel Barefoot
  • Dinky Nine-Eights – Richard Seagroatt
  • Bluenose Stack – Jude Figueira
  • Slop Wallace – John White
  • Lord Overcoat – Matthew Smith
  • Police Sergeant Coles – Mike Preston
  • Paperboy – Niamh Stapleton
  • Citizens of Whitechapel and Police Constables – Charlotte Knell / Darren Knight / Peter O’Donovan & Edward Seagroatt
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