Half a Sixpence is a musical comedy written as a vehicle for British pop star Tommy Steele. It is based on H.G. Wells's novel Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul. Steele plays Arthur Kipps, an orphan who unexpectedly inherits a fortune, and climbs the social ladder before losing everything and realizing that you just can't buy happiness.



Act I

  • All in The Cause of Economy – Arthur Kipps, Sid Pornick, Buggins and Pearce
  • Half A Sixpence – Arthur Kipps and Ann Pornick
  • Money to Burn – Arthur Kipps, Laura and The Men
  • A Proper Gentleman – Arthur Kipps, Sid Pornick, Buggins, Pearce and Shopgirls
  • She's Too Far Above Me – Arthur Kipps
  • If The Rain's Got To Fall – Arthur Kipps, Pearce, Sid Pornick, Buggins, Shopgirls, Singers and Dancers
  • The Old Military Canal – Singers


Act II

  • A Proper Gentleman (Reprise) – Arthur Kipps, Mrs. Walsingham, Helen Walsingham, Mrs. Botting, Young Walshingham and Party Guests
  • Long Ago – Arthur Kipps and Ann Pornick
  • Flash Bang Wallop – Arthur Kipps, Ann Pornick, Chitterlow, Mr. Shalford, Pearce, Sid Pornick, Buggins, Shopgirls and Singers
  • I Know What I Am – Ann Pornick
  • The Party's On The House – Arthur Kipps, Pearce, Sid Pornick, Buggins, Shopgirls, Singers and Dancers
  • Half A Sixpence (Reprise) – Arthur Kipps and Ann Pornick
  • All in The Cause of Economy (Reprise) – Flo, Pearce, Sid Pornick and Buggins
  • Finale – Entire Company



  • Arthur Kipps – Gavin Buck
  • Ann – Sarah O’Malley
  • Buggins – Steve Norton
  • Pearce – Peter Krajewski
  • Sid – Tom Scambler
  • Flo Bates – Debbie Featherstone
  • Kate – Joanna Walker
  • Victoria – Lisa Readman
  • Mr. Shalford/Umpire – Geoffrey Bowe
  • Helen – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Mrs. Walsingham – Justine Knight
  • Young Walsingham – Jude Figueria
  • Harry Chiterlow – Barry Pavey
  • Laura/Deckchair attendant – Sarah Weed
  • Mayoress of Folkstone/Company – Susana Rodrigues
  • Duchess/Reporter/Company – Emily Kirkpatrick
  • Mayor of Folkstone/Company – Roy Parris
  • Chorus – Amber Hunt


Production Team

  • Director – Darren JA Knight
  • Musical Director – Jen Green/Marcus Davidson
  • Band (for show week) – Richard Burden, Andy MIller, Andy Bragg, Jo Mosely
  • Stage Managers – Richard Seagroatt/Chris Cockburn
  • Choreography – Lisa Readman
  • Costumes – Debbie Featherstone/Pauline Seagroatt/Sheila Seagroatt
  • Props – Joanna Walker
  • Programme/DVD – Seán O'Farrell


Special thanks to Mark, Pedro & Joanne at Nettlefld Hall, Phoenix Players Committee, Quay Players, Rick Astley, Sheila Seagroat and the South London Guild of Cheesemakers

Front of House – Manuela Langotsch, Edith Adejobi, Fidelma O'Neill, Sue Chandler, Mary Dunn, Ilene White

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