Setting the Scene

All ain’t well in the two-an’-a-half horse-town of Wotsyurn in Cactus-Land. Everything but DOLLY PARDON’s Lucky Star Garter Milk Bar, is owned by tom-boy SNOWY’s wicked step-mother, EVELLA (pronounced ‘eve–lar’). And the town well is a dry as bones. Suddenly bullet shots form an ‘R’ on the well roof. It seems that the masked outlaw ROB HOOD has made the water return. But handsome cowboy and ranch-hand RICK PRINCE is not impressed. As he tells SNOWY, the surprisin’ thing would be if she was crowned Miss Wotsyurn on Founder’s Day. It’s so unlikely that RICK makes a bet with SNOWY that if he looses he’ll sing and dance like a saloon gal! With the water back, the town celebrates Founder’s Day with DOLLY presiding. Waitress ADELE along with the ex-saloon gals are all competing for the beauty queen crown – as is EVELLA. The choice is about to be made when there’s a last minute contestant – SNOWY! Rightly, the JUDGE declares she is the fairest of the ‘fayre’. Poor RICK has to honor the bet – much to the enjoyment of the whole town. Fuming and now desperate to get rid off her rival, EVELLA hires ‘hit men’ BASHEM & COSHEM to bump poor SNOWY off. But being the wrong sort of hit men, they are next to useless. Even tying SNOWY to the train tracks doesn’t work – in part thanks to ROB HOOD. Left alive but alone SNOWY meets the (seven) hillbilly brothers who are looking for gold in the nearby mine. The brothers offer their log cabin as a safe house. There SNOWY discovers the cabin is also a hideout for ROB HOOD and his leggy gang!! When EVELLA learns the truth from her magic brass mirror, which cannot lie, she summons a sisterhood of witches to help her. The Witches come up with devious ways of killing SNOWY off at the Peddlers Fayre. The last of these proves fatal and not even ROB HOOD can save her! Can the town ever be rid of EVELLA? Can Rob Hood stop being an outlaw? Can true love win through? And can DOLLY ever stop being a 9-to-5 working gal? ?

Production Team

  • Director – David Armitt
  • Musical Director – Marcus Davidson
  • Choreography – Jennifer Chadney/Mary Dunn/David Armitt
  • Stage managers – Richard Seagroatt/Chris Cockburn
  • Costumes – Jennifer Chadney/Debbie Featherstone/Pauline Seagroatt
  • Props – Debbie Featherstone
  • Tickets/Front of House – Manuela Langotsch


  • Snowy White – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Prince Rick/Rob Hood – Tom Scambler
  • Dolly Pardon – Barry Pavey
  • Adele – Sarah O’Malley
  • Evella – Kaz Cockburn
  • Bashem – Steve Norton
  • Coshem – Jude Figueira
  • Norabat/Fifi – Justine Knight
  • Hiatus/Calamity Jane – Joanna Walker
  • Windsora – Debbie Featherstone
  • Gigi/The Mirror – Rachael Parry-Taylor
  • Dee Dee – Carol de Burca
  • Oui Oui – Jennifer Chadney
  • Mimi – Susana Rodrigues
  • Indian Chief – Lisa Readman
  • Rusty – Geoffrey Bowe
  • Dusty – Sam Leach
  • Lusty – Seán O’Farrell
  • Shady – Peter Krajewski
  • Chesty – Darren JA Knight
  • Pinky – Sam Cockburn
  • Perky – Harry Cockburn
  • Train Driver – Richard Seagroatt
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