Bye Bye Birdie

This show (and the film made from it in 1963), it is a loose parody of Elvis Presley's life at the time when he was drafted into the American Army. Set in 1958, the key character is Conrad Birdie, a rock 'n' roll superstar who is suddenly drafted into the Army. Together with his agent/song writer, Albert Peterson, and Albert's secretary and love interest, Rosie Alvarez, a final Farewell performance on the famous Ed Sullivan TV show is planned to promote his single "One Last Kiss". As a grand finale for the performance it is decided that Conrad will select one of his fan club and give her "one last kiss" at the end of the show. 

The lucky fan chosen is Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple, Ohio but as Albert and Rosie arrive in Sweet Apple to arrange the show, an over-enthusiastic and fame-hungry father, Harry MacAfee, as well as Kim's jealous boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, begin to create problems. The show catalogues the hilarious consequences of that fateful show and its aftermath as well as the development of Albert and Rosie's love saga, which suffers from the constant interference of Albert's mother, Mae Peterson.

The story provides many humorous moments in the show and the music is classic American 60s rock 'n' roll with a few ballads mixed in. As well as the principle parts listed above there are many roles for the various townspeople of Sweet Apple, The Mayor and his wife, a singing quartet of Barflies, a Teen chorus (ahem…we may need to make this a more "mature" chorus)  and, of course, the legendary Mr Ed Sullivan himself.




Albert Peterson – Jude Figueira
Rose Alvarez – Rebecca Jones
Kim Macafee – Siobhan Mc Innes
Mrs. Doris Macafee – Justine Knight
Mr. Harry Macafee – Barry Pavey
Mrs. Mae Peterson – Fidelma O'Neill
Conrad Birdie – Damian Jones
Hugo Peabody – Steve Norton
Teen Chorus – Emily Kirkpatrick, Laura Cole, Sarah O'Malley, Ursual Dekker,
Cat Ellis, Gemma Nicholson, Joanne Treacy, Hannah Davies,
Ursula Merkle – Lucy Dormandy
One Girl – Emily Kirkpatrick
Policemen – William Lewis,  Roy Parris
Reporters – Roy Parris, Tony Sanders, Sam Leach
Mayor – Sam Leach
Mayor's wife – Pauline Seagroatt
Mrs. Merkle – Deborah Osbourn
Randolph Macafee -Reynaldo Guevara
Nancy – Laura Cole
Helen – Cat Ellis
Penelope – Hannah Davies
Gloria Rasputin – Debbie Williams (Thurs & Fri) Laura Cole (Sat)
Ed Sullivan's voice – Tony Sanders
Traveller – Deborah Osbourn
Mr. Johnson – Geoff Bowes
Maude – Geoff Bowes
Alice – Hannah Davies
Margie – Gemma Nicholson
Harvey Johnson – Tony Sanders
Deborah Sue – Emily Kirkpatrick
Trainman/ Train Conductor – Roy Parris
Conrad's guitar man – Reynaldo Guevara
2 sad girls – Emily Kirkpatrick, Sarah O'Malley
Stage Manager – Geoff Bowes

Stage hand – William Lewis

Stage hand – Roy Parris




Overture – Band and Teenagers
 An English Teacher – Rosie
 Telephone Hour – Teenagers
 How Lovely to Be a Woman – Kim
 Put on A Happy Face – Albert
 A Healthy Normal American Boy –  Albert, Rosie, Teenagers, and Adults
 Penn Station to Sweet Apple – Teenagers and Adults
 Sweet Apple Band –  Teenagers
 One Boy –  Kim and two Girls
 Honestly Sincere – Conrad and Teenagers
 Wounded – Teenagers
 Hymn for a Sunday Evening – The Macafees, Teenagers and Adults
 One Last Kiss – Conrad, Teenagers, All Principals and Adults
 Act II
 Entr'acte – Teenagers
 What Did I Ever See in Him – Rosie and Kim
 See in Him – Reprise – Rosie
 A Lot of Livin' To Do – Conrad, Kim and Teenagers
 Kids – Mr & Mrs. Macafee
 Baby Talk to Me  – Albert and Adults
 Kids Reprise – Adults. Mr & Mrs. Macafee and Randolph
 Ice House Living – Teenagers
 An English Teacher – reprise – Rosie
 Spanish Rose – Rosie and Adult dancers
 Hand Car – Teenagers
 Rosie – Albert and Rosie
 Finale – All



We would like to thank to the following people


Musical Directors – Jen Green & Sarah Latto

Choreography – Debbie Williams & Hannah Davies

Costumes –Pauline Seagroatt

Props – Debbie Featherstone

Set Design & Construction – Steve Arnold & Sam Leach

Lighting Darren Knight

Sound – Steve Lonsdale

Program/Website/Video – Sean O’Farrell

Stage manager – Richard Seagroatt & Chris Cockburn

Front of House – Edith Adejobi, Joanna Walker, Justine Knight, Richard Knight, Ruth Jones

Special Thanks to Carol Morris and all at Edward Alleyn Theatre
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