The King’s popularity is flagging. His knights haven’t done anything bold or daring for years yet Gerry the serf dreams of being a knight. To add to the King’s woes, Dame Winnie Wimple’s Damsel Academy is on the loose, and Medlin the sorcerer and Sir Blackheart are up to something. 
The Queen decides that the King should hold a jousting tournament with the winner getting the pick of the damsels. Due to health and safety rules the joust is a shambles. Suddenly there is news of a dragon in the Greenwood. Whoever defeats the dragon will get a damsel and half the kingdom. The knights accept the challenge as does the mysterious Sir Valentine  (Gerry in disguise) aided by Dame Winnie and her maid, Sally. The quest has begun! 
But is there really a dragon? The damsel-distracted knights might never find out and.  Can Gerry find and kill the dragon and become a real knight? Can the Queen be trusted with Medlin’s confiscated spell book? And will the mad Madame Minx tame Sir Blackheart?

Cast List

  • Gerry – Zeena Dhealley
  • Sally Forth – Emily Kirkpatrick
  • Herald – Fidelma O’Neill
  • Winnie Wimpole – Barry Pavey
  • King – Gavin Buck
  • Queen – Justine Knight
  • Lady of the Lake – Pauline Seagroatt
  • Sir Humphrey – Siobhan McInnes
  • Sir Boyo – Geoffrey Bowe
  • Sir Blackheart – Jude Figueira
  • Sir Mojo – Charlotte Munday
  • Sir Goldilocks – Michelle Duncan
  • Sir Loinsteak – Sam Leech
  • Maude – Esther Arlidge-Lyon
  • Pru – Sara Akkad
  • Inga – Lucy Dormandy
  • Ivana – Sarah O’Malley
  • Snowflake – Debbie Wiliams
  • Belle – Hannah Duncan
  • Madame Minx – Mary Dunn
  • 1st hag – Debbie Featherstone
  • 2nd hag – Sarah Weed
  • Cackler – Joanna Walker
  • Medlin – Darren JA Knight
  • Dragon – Tony Sanders/Richard Seagroatt
  • Gloop – Elanie Ademokun
  • Glump – Ruth Jones
  • Nun/Villager – Charlotte Knell
  • Villager/Swampman – Katrina Johnson


  • Musical Director – Jen Green
  • Director – David Armitt


Scene 1: Hamalot
1. Hooray For Hamalot (re-write of Hooray for Hollywood) Herald , Hags, Cackler & Company
2. Greet The Knights (from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum) Knights & Gerry
3. I Enjoy Being A Girl (from Flower-Drum Song) Dame & Damsels with Pru & Maude
4. I Saw A Dragon (from Pete’s Dragon) Blackheart, Medlin, King, Queen, Knights, Damsels & Co
4a Bless The Knights (as per song#2) Company

Scene 2: Short-cut to next scene (Tab)
5. Stiff Upper Lip! (from Crazy For You) Sally, Dame, Gerry & Damsels

Scene 3: The Greenwood/ A Tower and a Hay Wagon
6. Together Again ( Young Frankenstein) Loinsteak Boyo, Humphrey, Mojo, Goldilocks & Herald
7. Holding On For A Hero! (Bonnie Tyler ) Ivana , Inga with other Damsels, Hags & Cackler

Scene 4: Back At the Palace (Tab)
8. How I Got The Calling Pru, Maude, Hags, Cackler & company of Nuns

Scene 5: The Lair of Madame Minx (Tab & Inset)
9. Please Send Me Someone! (from Young Frankenstein) Madame Minx

Scene 6: Limbo (Tab)
10. Agony! [Part 1] (from Into The Woods) Mojo & Goldilocks

Scene 7: The Lady of the Lake
11. Flaunt It! (from The Producers) Ulla (Lady of the Lak)e & Nymphs



Scene 1: The Greenwood
12. The Hunting Song (Tom Leher) King , Queen, Herald , Pru, Maude, Hags, & Cackler
13. The Bright Side of Life (Eric Idle) Sally, Dame, Gerry, Hags, Cackler & Smiley Faces

Scene 2 Limbo Again
14. Agony! [Part 2] Boyo & Humphrey.

Scene 3: The Gloomy Swamp of Glum
15. So Gloomy! (from The Producers)
16. It’s Today (from ‘Mame’)
16a Reprise: Together Again
17. Anything Can Happen (from Mary Poppins) Company of Swampmen
Dragon, Dame, Gerry, Sally & Swampmen
Knights (excl, Blackheart) Damsels , Ulla & Herald
Sally, Gerry, principles & Company

Scene 4; Epilogue – Loose ends
18. Don’t Want To Play With Me Blues ( The Boyfriend) Blackheart, Mme Minx , Hags & Cackler
18a Reprise: The Bright Side of Life Company

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