Granny leaves Dame Polly in charge of telling the stories of Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Jack (and his cow). But thanks to an interfering witch the stories

take on lives of their own. Soon the three bases are lost in ‘The Wood’.

Can Dame Polly rescue them from the clutches of the witch and the mad, bad Doctor Y and his ‘mashing’ monsters?    





Ian CaldecourtDame Polly

Jennifer HepburnRed Riding Hood

Debbie FeatherstoneGranny/Animal

Jude Figueira Wolfie

Sam Leach Woodcutter

Michelle Hayes – Cinders

Carol NortonStep Mother

Gemma MilesStep Sister 1

Cat EllisStep Sister 2

Juliet HogarthCinder's Prince/Sunshine Girl/ Villager/Beast/Animal

Barry PaveyJack

Justine KnightJack's Mother

Nicole EnglishRapunzel

Pauline SeagroattRapunzel's Prince/Villager/Beast/70s Glam Rocker

Nikki BlemingsRubella the Witch

Ruth JonesBoy Scout/VillagerBeast/70s Glam Rocker

William LewisScout/Villager/Beast/70s Glam Rocker

Paulina DabrowskaBoy Scout/Beast

Debbie WilliamsSunshine Girl/Villager/Animal/Beast/70s Glam Rocker

Hannah DaviesSunshine Girl/Villager/Animal/Beast/70s Glam Rocker

Amanda WilliamsSunshine Girl/Villager/Animal/Beast/70s Glam Rocker

Tony SandersDoctor Y/Villager/Beast/Animal

Geoff BowesQuasmo/Villager/Animal

Jen GreenMusical Director
David ArmittDirector


Musical numbers


Act 1

Panto Shock  (Little Shop of Horrors) – Company

The Happy Wanderer – Dame plus Company

A Little Bit Of Good (Chicago) – Red Riding Hood & the Sunshine Girls

To The Wood (Oliver) – Dame, Jack’s Mother, Step-family & Company

Hood’s To The Wood – Red Riding Hood & Woodcutter

A Lovely Night  (R&H’s Cinderella) – Cinders with Step-family (offstage

Reprise: A Lovely Night  (R&H’s Cinderella) – Step-family & Cinders

Rapuzel’s Theme – 1st time (ELO) – Rapunzel

Rapuzel’s Theme – 2nd time – Rapunzel, & Rubella

Rapuzel’s Theme 3rd time &  Rockaria (ELO) – Rapunzel, Prince & The Animals (Company)

Be Prepared!  (Tom Lehrer) – Scout Leader & Three Boy Scouts (with G&A Dance School)

A Beastly Tale  (Kiss of the Spider Woman) – Scout Leader with Scouts, Dame & Mother

Could This Be Magic? (Barry Manilow) – Wolfie, Red Riding Hood  &Sunshine Girls backing

Not While I’m Around (Sweeny Todd) – Red Riding Hood, Jack & Woodcutter

The Monster Mash – Doctor Y, Rubella , Quasmo, Prince  & Company


Act 2

A Lousy Night! – Stepfamily

Reprise: The Monster Mash – Prince & Company

Part 1: Everybody Ought To Have A Maid (A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum) – Gran, Dame, Jack’s Mother, Jack Wolfie, Rapunzel,&  Cinders

Part2:  Everybody Ought To Have A Maid – Rapunzel, Jack &  Cinders

A Super Rat Like Me  (Dracula Spectacular) – Doctor Y, Rubella , Quasmo & Chorus of Beasts

Part 3: Everybody Ought To Have A Maid – Gran, Dame, Jack’s Mother & Wolfie

Go Glam! (Pet Shop Boys) – Prince & Company – Prince & Company

Reprise: To The Wood – Gran, Dame, Jack’s Mother & Company

Choo-Choo Honeymoon  (Dames At Sea) – Scout Leader, Woodcutter & Sunshine Girls

Reprise: Panto Shock – Company

Spread The Love Around (Sister Act) – Dame, Jack, Mother, Cinders & her Prince, Rapunzel, Prince, Hood & Company

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