Witchfinder Song list


Act 1


1 Bring Her Down – Potts & Chorus

2 Reborn In You – Alizon

3 Just Before You Go – Sarah & James

4 The Privy Council – The Privy Councillors

5 Never Will Mend – Nowell, Soldiers & Villagers

6 Hubble Bubble – Wickham & Villagers

7 A Man Like You – Catherine

8 Montage – Nowell, Abraham, Potts, Catherine, Alizon, James, Sykes & Chorus

9 England Is My Home – James, Sykes, Catherine & Chorus


Act 2

10 Noblesse Oblige – Chorus

11 Just Before You Go – Sarah & James

12 Remember Me – Potts

13 Never Complete – James

14 Each Passing Year – Sarah, Catherine & James

15 So Pure – Sykes

16 The Prayer – Prisoners & Chorus

17 Bring Her Down (Reprise) – Potts & Chorus

18 Witchfinder's Inquisition – Nowell

19 The Trial – Nowell, James, Jenet, Judges & Chorus

20 In Your Nightmares – Nowell

21 On Borrowed Time – James & Catherine

22 Epilogue/Sleep Tonight – James & Company



Cast List


Alex Cordrey                  Lieutenant Edward Sykes

Amanda Williams                  Nun/Monk

Barry Pavey                  Josiah Wickham

Damien Jones                                    Captain James Roberts

Debbie Williams                  Jane Bulcock

Dominic Burris-North                  Soldier/Company

Elfie Frazer                  Head of Privy Council

Emily Kirkpatrick                  Jenet Device

Hayley Cross                  Alizon Device

Hayley Ince                  Alizon Device

Gillian Hibbs                  Privy Councillor

Jo Harding                  Lady Sarah Owen

Joanna Walker                  Elizabeth Device

Jude Figueira                  Roger Nowell

Jo Treacy                  Company

Kate Hannam                                    Privy Councillor

Mark Farlow                                    Thomas Potts

Philippa Lucas                  Prisoner/Herald/Company

Ramona Metcalfe                  Prisoner/Company

Ruth Jones                  Prisoner/Company

Sam Leach                  King James

Sorrel Fitzpatrick                  Prisoner/Company

Steve Arnold                                    Gaoler

Steven Skilton                  Abraham Law

Victoria Reese                  Privy Councillor

William Lewis                                    Soldier/Company



Nicole English                                    Artistic Director

Jen Green                  Musical Director



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