Robin Hood Song list

Act 1

1. Who Will Buy? – Marian, Seller & Company

2. The Love of My Life – Granny Notts & Company

3. Holding Out For A Hero – Marian & Pom Pom Girls

4. Friends of The Richer Kind – Sheriff & Gisbourne

5. Thunderbirds Are Go – Merry Men & Company

6. Obviously – Robin Hood

6a. Reprise: Thunderbirds Are Go – Merry Men

6b. Reprise: Thunderbirds Are Go -Merry Men

7. Shine – Company

Act 2

7a. Reprise: Who Will Buy? – Sellers

8. Take A Chance On Me – Granny Notts & ABBA

9. Close Every Door To Me – Marian, Guards & Company

10. I Feel Pretty – Granny Notts & Maids

11. I'm a Believer – Robin Hood, Marian, Granny Notts, Gisbourne & Company

12. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life – Merry Men

13. Reaching For Heaven – Ellen

14. True to Your Heart – Company



Cast List


Justine Knight                  Bitsy

Amanda Williams                  Betsy

Ian Caldecourt                  Granny Notts

Jo Treacy                  Maid Marian

Nikki Hobbs                  Guy of Gisborne

Alex Cordrey                  Sheriff of Nottingham

Jennifer Hepburn                  Robin Hood

Gillian Hibbs                  Ellen

Scott Topping                  Will Scarlett

Carol De Burca                  Alan A Dale

Heather Allen                  Much/Abba/Maid

Sorrel Fitzpatrick                  Little John

Sam Leach                  Town Crier

Emily Kirkpatrick                  Cabbage seller

Richard Seagroatt                  Dirt Seller

Philippa Lucas                  Fish Head Seller/Maid

Ruth Jones                  Clothes Fixer

Jude Figueira                  Geoff The Guard

Barry Pavey                  George The Guard/Abba

Steve Arnold                  Merchant

Hayley Ince                  Mechant's Wife/Abba/Maid/Pompom Girl

Dougie Keighley                  Abba

Nicole English                  Maid

Darren Knight                  Superhero

William Lewis                  Superhero

Leona Mahony                  Pompom Girl

Amanda Shamoon                  Villager



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