Originally from a street in Erinsborough, Australia not too far from Ramsey Street, Damien grew up playing with Bouncer the dog, working shifts in Harold's coffee shop and avoiding natural disasters and personal crises on a weekly basis – honestly, I'm not making this up…well, not all of it anyway. He also sang in a few bands and got involved in a few school Amdram productions which you'd thing would be a springboard for a life in the theatre but No. Oddly enough since then he hasn't done much and it took joining the Phoenix Players to reignite his fire for the stage. But now there's no stopping him! He joined us for 2011's "Bubblegum, Soda & Pop" playing a very fitting Billy Kool and then was cast as the lead Conrad Birdie in "Bye Bye Birdie" from the same year. Harold would be so proud. 


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